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Substance Abuse and the Use of Mass Notification Systems

This is the third and final blog in the series pertaining to Mental Health Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers and Substance Abuse Disorders. Please go to to read these and many other articles pertaining to the importance of protecting your clients/patients and staff with an emergency alert system. The RedDot Alert system will provide all with safety and security that is vital in an unpredictable work environment.

Substance Abuse and the Use of Mass Notification Systems 

Substance Abuse disorder occurs when substance use has developed into an addiction. The person using the substance (whether alcohol or drug) may have begun as prescribed dosage or as recreational use but has spiraled into harm to one’s self and/or others.  

When the individual seeks help by attending outpatient treatment, an inpatient program or even an involuntary commitment for detoxication purposes, their behavior may be unexpected, unreasonable, and possibly disruptive. Some of these may be due to the chemical altering or reduction in the body (i.e., stopping the abuse of alcohol/drugs or changing the prescribed medications), behavioral health issues or in some cases, an undiagnosed mental illness.

The question for all staff employed in this profession is how you can protect yourself and others from harm when an unforeseen incident occurs. Simply stated, a mass notification system is the answer to all concerns by providing the necessary security. 

The RedDot alert system is a mass notification system that is the perfect accompaniment for your work environment. Also, referred to as a panic button system or an emergency response system, RedDot is a digital alert system for emergency response. It may be configured to suit the needs of your agency and even more significantly, it is a silent mass notification system that will not disrupt the daily operation of your program. 

RedDot has been configured for many types of businesses that include rehabilitation programs, recovery homes, detoxification treatment facilities that are all dealing with persons seeking substance abuse treatment assistance. The majority of these programs have a professional team that work with the client/patient and incorporate mental health and medical personnel on site. (For additional and more specific information, please refer to our previous blogs on Mental Clinics and Rehabilitation Centers at 

One of our clients recently noted that the RedDot alert system gives his staff security, confidence, and peace of mind in knowing they are just a button push away from getting the support they need no matter the issue. 

It allays their fears of needing an immediate emergency response that is not always for a behavioral incident with a disruptive client. The need for assistance may be to determine the next steps for a medical assist. For example, it could be a reaction to a newly introduced medication, a client overdose, a heart condition, etc. Of course, depending on the seriousness of the situation there may be a need to connect with 911 either through the RedDot alert system or directly.

RedDot may be customized to meet the specific needs of each and every substance abuse program. Equally important is that RedDot may be modified to accommodate any adjustments that become necessary should there be a need perhaps, due to site, procedural or staffing adjustments.   

We live in uncertain times serving an unpredictable clientele for which there is no blueprint to anticipate behavior, the RedDot Alert System will give you and your staff a layer of support that will remain unintrusive and discreet but accurate and instantaneous when it’s use becomes necessary.