Rehab Centers: Is a panic button system necessary?

Rehab Centers provide a variety of services for a wide range of clients/patients. To provide rehabilitation treatment to someone may mean restoring a physical function following an injury; it may be to treat a mental health issue, or it may be treating a substance use disorder or dual diagnosis. No matter what, the purpose for visiting a rehab center is to help with recovery from an illness or disability.  

A Rehab Center will have clients/patients who are not always at their physical or emotional best. Employees of a Rehab Center must be constantly aware of their surroundings and the fluidity of the client/patient base. A few examples of the potential problem areas are.

  • A Mental Health Clinic (please see previous blog entitled, Mental Health Clinics: why is an emergency alert system beneficial to all?) is treating a patient who has not been on appropriate medication for quite some time. 
  • A person has been admitted to an in-patient Rehab Center to begin the detoxification process.
  • A former patient at a physical therapy office is upset at the treatment they received and comes to ‘discuss’ the issue with his former therapist. 

What is the common thread in these examples? The common thread is the unpredictability of each of these situations (for additional blogs, articles, and virtual trainings on this subject and many more visit, 

We at RedDot prefer to call our product an alert system rather than a panic button. Panic button implies that every time the system is used it is because of an out-of-control incident. RedDot may be used as a notification before a situation develops, you and your team make the decision on how the alert system will be configured. You determine how and when RedDot is utilized.

RedDot alert system provides the leadership team and all employees with an important safety net. It is a discreet, accurate and an instantaneous response to an escalating situation that may result in an assault of an innocent bystander (employee or another patient).

RedDot alert system may be designed to meet your business needs and in this case your Rehab Center whether it is an inpatient or community-based outpatient facility. 

At RedDot, we take pride in making sure that you and your employees are ready for any issue that may arise. We want you to know that our method is an alert system, so you don’t panic and are able to address the issue and with the goal to deescalate a situation before it becomes an unmanageable incident. Keeping in mind that every situation is unique and that there is no blueprint for dealing with client/patients in these types of settings.

Staff safety is key for the optimum operation of your Rehab Center, and staff preparedness comes with the knowledge that response is a key stoke away.

The RedDot alert system will give you the peace of mind that you and your staff need around the clock without the panic button philosophy.