The digital software solution for emergency alerts

Configure your system with responders: on-site security, local law enforcement, emergency response teams, administration, or all.


Local site administrators configure both the facility and user (s) hardware and notifications within your network.



After the installation any user in distress simply clicks the “Red Dot” icon on their computer and an electronic message is sent to the receiver(s) device(s).



The receiving party (defined by your facility) can respond directly to the user in distress or the message can be sent to other locations within your organization directly to law enforcement.



Your facility’s assigned administrator(s) can always add, edit, create parameters, upload floor layout jpegs, and receiver(s) hardware and notification.

Our digital emergency alert system is straightforward. The first thing you have to do is install the digital software solution on your hardware — a desktop computer, a handheld device, or both. You can also register additional devices to your RedDot domain. Next, add GPS to pinpoint your exact location.

After setting the system up, you can create and customize protocols and notifications through the software. You can also upload the map or floor plan of your establishment to make it more navigable for responders.

Network Based Alert System

RedDot provides an emergency alert response system that can get help faster and save more lives.

First, our digital software solution is subtle and effective. You can send an instant notification to the response personnel via a text, a phone call, or an email. As such, you can make a distress call without the aggressor finding out and potentially making the situation worse.

Second, you can customize your emergency alert system. You can configure the system to alert on-site security, an emergency response team, local law enforcers, or all of them. You can simultaneously notify these teams and initiate a rapid response from them.

Third, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can easily call for help in case of dangerous or emergency situations in the future.


Computer Systems Integrated (CSI) developed Red as a discrete way to call for IMMEDIATE emergency assistance while the aggressor(s) is unaware an alert has been triggered. Simple, sleek, and non-assuming install to your pc or hand held device.


Compatible with almost any operating system or hardware


Configure by facility who and how alert are sent and received.


Configure each user and administrator(s).


Customize the alert message by administrator.


Simple download-takes only a few minutes.

Traditional alert systems do not offer the subtlety that our digital alert systems feature. With our digital software solution, you can send an inconspicuous notification to the response team without sending everyone in your building — including the aggressor, if there is one — into panic mode.

Moreover, our digital system makes way for a rapid response. When you call 911 for help, responders can take anywhere from nine to 15 minutes before addressing your situation and arranging a team for dispatch. When you use RedDot, however, the system quickly alerts your customized response team.


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