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The first step in making your company safe and secure is contacting us to find out how you can get started with our Red Dot software. After we have received your contact form, we will be sure to promptly respond with our best solution. With us, it is a three step process:


Schedule a DEMO

Receive a review of our hardware and software solutions and get help deciding what is best for your facility.

Get there faster, saving time to respond and save lives.


What to Expect

While you wait for our team of experts to send you our well thought out response, why not take this opportunity to brush up on all of the benefits that you can receive from Red Dot? Here is a breakdown of the many benefits that the software offers.

  • Drastically improved emergency/distress situations while simultaneously notifying response personnel or team.
  • Help mitigate or defuse an aggressor so they are unaware a distress call has been sent. Let the user keep focus on the individual(s).
  • Create and edit notification messages and protocols.
  • Customizable configuration for your facility or institution.
  • Upload your facility’s floor plan or map.
  • Peace of Mind for you and your staff if any potential for future dangerous interactions.
  • Easy installation to hardware (pc, desktop or hand held device). Additional devices can be added to your RedDot domain.
  • Instant notification to receiver(s) (response personnel) via email, text or phone call.
  • Add GPS (Global Positioning System) to lock in and pin-point specific location.