Emergency alerts to get the help you need, when you need it most

We provide discreet panic alert systems. With a click of a button, provide employee safety without compromise. Because knowing you’re always safe is worth a human life.

Don’t Leave Your Employees Vulnerable and Unsafe



The system provides a low cost, precise and safe means of activating a targeted emergency response.



The typical 911 response can take 12-18 minutes, our alert is instantaneous, allowing responders to initiate a rapid response. In the event of an active shooter, quicker response time means lives saved.



You can configure the system to alert whoever you choose, local law enforcement, on-site security, emergency response teams, administrators or all of the above.



It is simple but effective and has several advantages over traditional alert systems that have the disadvantage of exacerbating or alerting aggressors who are involved in a crisis situation.

RD Mobile

Get Help with a Single Touch of a Button

Just access our software on your phone and the responders — law enforcement, emergency response teams, on-site security, or administration — immediately receive a notification and act on it. This way, you minimize damage and vulnerability, all without notifying the aggressors or alarming everyone at the location.

We understand that security threats are more likely in some industries than others, but we have streamlined our panic button alarm system to accommodate all types of emergencies as quickly as possible. With our digital software solution, you can discreetly call for help with just a few quick swipes on your phone and a touch of a button.

Educational institutions are constantly finding ways to improve the security of their students and staff. Banks and credit unions are always alert because of their sensitive transactions. They aren’t the only organizations that come to us for a panic alarm system, though. All industries are exposed to potentially dangerous situations.

Regardless of your emergency situation, RedDot provides a way to call for instantaneous emergency services. You can simply install RedDot on your mobile phone and configure the responders as a preemptive measure.

It's not a situation of IF it will happen but WHEN it will happen

How comfortable are you with your emergency response plan?

We provide a digital panic button that can be used on multiple devices. The app can immediately notify people in your network and get help quickly for much less than the cost of physical panic buttons.

Knowing you’re always safe is worth a human life.

RD Mobile
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Get More with Red Dot

  • Drastically improved emergency/distress situations while simultaneously notifying response personnel or team.
  • Help mitigate or defuse an aggressor so they are unaware a distress call has been sent. Let the user keep focus on the individual(s).
  • Create and edit notification messages and protocols.
  • Customizable configuration for your facility or institution.
  • Upload your facility's floor plan or map.
  • Peace of Mind for you and your staff if any potential for future dangerous interactions.
  • Easy installation to hardware (pc, desktop or hand held device). Additional devices can be added to your RedDot domain.
  • Instant notification to receiver(s) (response personnel) via email, text or phone call.
  • Add GPS (Global Positioning System) to lock in and pin-point specific location.

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