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How is Red Dot Alert Different than 911?

With Red Dot Alert, you empower employees, stakeholders and clients to alert your team of any immediate threat. Keep your people safe, keep your business safe.

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911’s infrastructure ties call to 911 call centers

Red Dot can be configured to go directly to local police or designated responders. You may wish to have 911 as an option within RedDot, but you are also able to have an escalation of alerts. A situation may not warrant 911 type of intervention, but rather an alert to your on-site police officer, security company etc.

911 is focused on emergency response and the highest level of response.

RedDot can use 911, but many situations can be prevented by quickly intervening before there is an emergency or violent outburst. RedDot was created to intervene and prevent situations. RedDot allows a city, town, school, or organization to manage a situation internally and avoid unnecessary scrutiny.

911 is largely a digital solution designed for landlines (we could get numbers to demonstrate how less people use landlines)

RedDot, if connected directly to police or on-site emergency responders is significantly quicker and contains location information. RedDot was created for the future. In addition to leveraging current technology we are optimized to grow with new technologies. RedDot is the first in the industry who’s companion hardware is LTE/Bluetooth/? Enabled (Daniel help how best to say this) allowing a user to quickly ask for help with the push of a FOB like button. The message will contain location and other important data about the user. RedDot is the future of emergency digital response.


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