A discrete emergency alert system designed for educational institutions.

In an emergency, every second counts

Enable staff to call for help with a single tap


Learn how you can put staff and patient safety first

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Ensure rapid responses in dangerous situations

In educational institutions, when students require emergency medical treatment or security intervention, empower employees to act fast to keep themselves and students safe.

With Red Dot Alert, Your Staff Can
  • Alert security or other personnel of an emergency with a simple tap on a personal device or PC
  • Call for support without escalating an already tense situation
  • Prevent injury to themselves and students
  • Ensure students receive the quick care they need
  • Protect other students and staff in threatening situations

With Red Dot Alert, staff members know that back-up is just a tap away.

An easy, quick — discreet — approach to ask for help

Discrete Approach

An Easy, Quick Discreet Approach To Ask For Help

Alert Security

Users Simply Tap The Red Dot On The Phone To Alert Security Or Other Personnel.

Any Kind of Emergency

With Another Tap, They Can Tell Recipients’ What Kind Of Emergency They’re Experiencing

Recipients Can Immediately See Who Needs Support And Where The Person Is Located.

Build a culture of staff and inmate safety

The Benefits Of Red Dot Alert Are Clear:

  • Prove to staff, parents and students that you put safety and health first
  • Prevent costly lawsuits resulting from staff or student injury or death
  • Mitigate incidents quickly to protect other students
  • Aid enrollment by building a reputation as a safe school

Why You Chose Us

Fast and efficient

Red Dot is instantaneous and more streamlined than dialing emergency services.


Our technology uses GPS, LAN IP addresses, and facility floor plans so response teams can pinpoint exactly where the alert is coming from.


Notifications can be sent via email, text or phone call to configured receivers to suit the needs of your organization.

Easy To Set Up And Use

With simply deployment and full support, you can be up and running in no time.


Our software works with any operating system and hardware, including computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Low Cost

Our affordable pricing is scaled based on the number of users, and no network investment is needed.

What Our Users Are Saying?

Jill A. Tassinari

We implemented the Red Dot software at our agency in 2018. The peace of mind that we have gained since installing the software is remarkable. Our agents have a much better sense of security both in the office and on the road. I highly recommend Red Dot to keep employees (and clients) protected and safeguarded at all times.


Get Help With A Single Touch Of A Button

Our Software Is Accessible From Any Device And Allows You To Track Any Notifications Coming Into The System. It Is Connected To Emergency Responders, All Without Notifying The Aggressors Or Alarming Everyone At The Location. Notifications Are Also Instant, Helping To Minimize Damage And Vulnerabilities At The Location.

Red Dot Panic Button

One Button, Universally Recognized, Instant Notifications.
With The Red Dot Alert Panic Button, Keep Your Employees Connected Even In Situations Where Technology Can Be Hard To Reach. A Single Button Signals An Alert To Your On-Site Security Or Administrator, Providing Them With The Critical Information They Need To Help Put Emergency Procedures In Action.

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